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Police say more counterfeit cash is being passed in the Quad Cities Area

DAVENPORT, Iowa  --  Following this week's arrest of  23-year-old Malique Hudson for attempting to pass off a counterfeit $100 bill at two convenience stores and resisting arrest, area police departments are warning retailers to be on the lookout for people passing fake cash.

Hudson, of Bettendorf, is not being charged with passing counterfeit cash because the fake bill he used was "motion picture money" and he did not receive goods or services by using it.

Scott County Sheriff Tim Lane says they have seen an increase in the use of "motion picture money" and counterfeit cash, which have no obvious markings on them.

" We are seeing money being possessed by individuals that the money has printed on it that it is for motion picture use only. This money is not illegal to possess, but some individuals are trying to pass that money and when they pass it for goods and services it becomes fraud," Lane said.

Lane says that simply possessing "motion picture money" is not illegal, but attempting to pass the fake cash and receiving goods for it can result in a charge

Lane says they have seen an increased number of reports at businesses around Clinton, Dubuque, and the Quad Cities over the past six months

Counterfeiters are also getting trickier, Lane said.

"They've found ways to simulate the paper, one of the methods is to take a five dollar bill, to bleach it, and reprint it as a $100 bill. So, that will actually pass the ink marker tests. None of the single tests you would actually use are a 100% effective," Lane said.

The sheriff's department has posted graphics on how to spot counterfeit bills.


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