No charges filed for fatal bike verses pedestrian crash

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- An investigation reviewed by both the Scott County Attorney’s office and the City of Davenport’s legal team concluded Friday, July 13, that no criminal charges will be filed against the bicyclist who crashed into and killed a 79-year-old woman last month.

“I reviewed the scenario to determine whether criminal charges are applicable. In this case, no criminal charges apply. There was no intentional act to cause injury,” says Michael Walton, Scott County Attorney.

The pedestrian verses bicycle crash happened June 23.

The victim, Ruth Ann Morris was walking with her son Michael Blanchard, who says it was a part of their daily routine.

Blanchard says the accident happened not long after he and his mother stepped on the bike path.

“They lost control of their vehicles and my mom is gone now,” says Blanchard, who says the crash involved two cyclists; one fell to the ground and the other fell into his mom.

“I don’t think there should be charges but they killed my mom,” he says.

Although there are signs telling cyclist to slow down, Blanchard fears there are a handful of people who think the trail is only for cyclist and not pedestrians.

“I think that making it clear that for one this isn’t just a bike path this is a recreational path this is a pedestrian, skate boards rollerblades,” he says.

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