Month-old trash build up outside two apartments in Wataga, Illinois enrages tenants

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WATAGA, Illinois-- Pounds of rotting garbage sits in the parking lots of Mapleleaf and Maplecrest apartments in Wataga Illinois.

An issue, residents there say they’ve been dealing with for about a month.

“It’s nauseating you can spell it as soon as you come out of the apartment complexes…We either have to hold our breath, plug our noses or run there and run back,” says resident Lilly Jones.

Both apartment complexes provide low income based housing.

Leslie Wetterow lives next door to both complexes, she says the smell is so bad, she no longer enjoys spending long periods of time in her back yard.

“We don’t want to see that, we don’t want to come home every day and see and smell that… It really frustrates me as a person, as a homeowner. We try our best to keep our home as nice and neat as we can, it’s not the Ritz but you know we do our best,” says Wetterow.

Wisconsin Management Company owns both Mapleleaf and Maplecrest apartments. The company’s principal, Alicia Reed says the trash has not been picked up because the company has not paid its bill, due to a technical difficulty.

“We’re in the process of switching banks and the billing information for the trash did not transfer over to the new bank,” says Reed.

Reed says the bill has since been paid and the trash was supposed to be picked up by the end of the day, Thursday, July 7.

However, Wetterow says Waste Management has not stopped by yet.

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