RICO board set to vote on the future of historical courthouse this Tuesday

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- Rock Island County Board members agreed Wednesday, July 11 to vote next week on whether or not to tear down the county courthouse.

The new Intergovernmental agreement between Rock Island County and the Public Building Commission (PBC) would allow the PBC to oversee the demolition and turn the area into green space.

However, as of Wednesday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting the plan does not address what will happen to offices inside the old courthouse once the building is torn down.

County Board member, Don Johnston says he refuses to vote on a plan that also does not address where the extra money would come from if the project goes over budget.

“We don't know what it's going to cost, and as I mentioned tonight I hear rumors of those plans of those studies that were taken but I haven’t seen them. These is asbestos abatement there are other things that have to be paid for, whether it is a million six or there is more than that,” says Johnston.

The Rock Island County board will vote on the agreement during their next board meeting Tuesday July 17.