Rock Island City Council will vote on TIF plan for low income housing properties next meeting

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois--  After 13 years of living at the Heather Ridge Apartments, Heather Lawver says not much has changed.

While walking through her town home, she points to broken floor tiles and cracked walls.

“In the bathroom upstairs, if any water gets on the bottom outside the toilet or if the toilet over flows, it comes through right here. You can see they’ve patched it up here the best they can, but it’s cracked and water will come through,” says Lawver, a single mother.

That’s why Heather supports a plan proposed by the new owners of the complex, Millenia Housing Development, to make both Heather Ridge and Century Woods apartments TIF districts.

“They try their best, they come and patch it and move on but there is not a fix to it… they said we were going to get new windows, floors, cabinets and doors.,” says Lawver.

Besides much needed repairs, developers promise to build a community center behind Heather Ridge.

A $65 million project Alderman Dylan Parker says could take future property tax money away from schools and give to a private company instead.

“At what point is the tax payers’ responsibility to subsidize it? What point does the owner of the property simply responsible for ensuring they are providing good housing conditions?” says Parker.

The Rock Island City Council will vote on the plan Monday, July 23.

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