NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: How to keep the bugs away

MOLINE- Angie was off News 8 at 11 Friday, July 6, but that does not mean our weekly “Nailed It Or Failed It” segment stops.

Instead of choosing a craft for Taylor Graham and I to do ourselves, our Assistant News Director Elaine Barreca brought in an expert artist – Suzon! She’s been on before…Let’s just say…she’s a hoot.

Suzon has a unique style and sells some of her creations at Abernathy’s in downtown Davenport.

Friday, Suzon had something special for Meteorologist Taylor Graham and I to make, a natural repellent for bugs. Here’s what you need to do to make it. By the way, it’s only meant for your lawn, NOT FOR YOUR SKIN:

Have you ever made too much coffee and not known what to do with it? (Just say yes...) Well in the second half of our segment, I made a special Ketz's Concoction, filled with RumChata, frozen coffee ice cubes, milk, leftover cold coffee, and Baileys Original Irish Cream. My wife Beth, decided to call this one...Spiked Ice Coffee. It's delish. Just add all those ingredients together and enjoy. Here's what it looks like below: