Headstones torn down by vandals

CLINTON, Iowa-- Springdale Cemetery in Clinton sits on over one hundred acres. It used to be one of the biggest cemeteries in the county and has seen better days.

The amount of land makes it hard for just one person to keep up with all the maintenance.

Leanna Geffers and Richard Wynkoop were taking a walk through the cemetery when they noticed it's rough shape.

"We noticed that the weed eating had gotten a little lax, so we decided to come back with our weed eaters," said Wynkoop. He is now on his third weed eater.

Geffers and Wynkoop have been working on the property for six weeks now clearing up around headstones.

Friday morning they noticed over twenty headstones had been damaged. Vandals even carried a piece down the hill and dropped it near the side of the road.

"You know when you come up here and you try to do good that is heart wrenching that is sad that is senseless it just gets to you," said Geffers. They said it could cost around seven thousand dollars to repair each one. Without family assistance, the cemetery will have to pay for it.

Even with the vandalism. Volunteers are determined to maintain the area.

"You look back and see what you`ve done. It`s very gratifying, you really made a difference. It makes the cemetery look beautiful," said Wynkoop.

Police are still searching for the people responsible.

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