Residents seen escaping Moline house fire

MOLINE, Illinois – A house went up in flames at 1520 12th Ave. on June 29, 2018. Several people were inside, but an eye witness said everyone got out safe.

Anthony Greer was in the backyard of the house across the street. He said at first he thought people were grilling, but then the smoke turned black. He then saw several people exit the house.

“They were just coming out of the house,” Greer said. “We asked if everyone had called 911, they said everyone was out, so there was really nothing else we could do.”

The fire started around 7:30 p.m. and is still burning two hours later.

“I was shocked,” Greer said. “You hear about fires… but rarely do you actually get to see it happen, how dangerous and how big it is and everything that goes into it.”

It’s the night before his wedding, but both he and his fiancee, Sydney Crumbleholme, were just happy to help.