Dash cam video of Rock Falls officer-involved shooting released

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*** WARNING: Video contains graphic footage and language***

Update: The Rock Falls Police Department released dash cam video of the pursuit and following officer-involved-shooting that resulted in the death of Nate Edwards on Jan. 26, 2018.

The shooting was ruled justified following a six-month investigation by Illinois State Police and Whiteside County Attorney’s office.  Edwards family, however, disputes the finding and has filed an excessive force lawsuit alleging wrongful use of deadly force.

The video shows Edwards ignoring orders to pull over his vehicle after it was spotted weaving and speeding. Edwards eventually pulls into a driveway and ignores several commands to leave the car. When an officer with a gun drawn warns “you’re going to get shot”, Edward responds with “kill me” and profanity.

After being warned “do not back up”, Edwards appears to rev the engine as he puts the car in reverse and accelerates toward offcer Jonathan Cater who steps asides and fires into the vehicle. Edwards body is then removed from the car and police perform CPR on him until an ambulance arrives.

See full 23-minute video here: 

Earlier: ROCK FALLS, Illinois -- After a six-month investigation, the Illinois State Police and the Whiteside County State's Attorney office have ruled that the Jan. 26 shooting of Nate Edwards by Rock Falls Police Officer Jonathan Cater was justified.

Edwards was shot and killed following a vehicle pursuit, at the conclusion of which police say Edwards put the car he was driving in reverse, accelerating at an officer, who then fired his weapon.

Edward's family disputes that accounting of the events and claims Edwards was shot after he did not comply with officer's orders to get out of the vehicle. The family filed a lawsuit on Jan. 30, suing Cater and the City of Rock Falls for wrongful use of deadly force. The suit claims the shooting was "unprovoked, unjustified, excessive and unreasonable."

A release sent by Cater's attorney James Mertes on Friday, June 29 noted that the investigation "confirm that Jonathan Cater's actions were fully justified."

"Officer Cater continues to express his sincere sympathy for the family of Nate Edwards," he added.

Mertes said no further statements would be made on behalf of Cater at this time.

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