Local Steelworkers call SCOTUS decision an attack on unions

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Some 1,900 union members at the Arconic plant already know the stakes.  Iowa is a so-called right-to-work state.

The Supreme Court decision on Wednesday, June 27, reinforces that concept across the country.

"It's an attack on working people," said United Steelworkers Local 105 President Brad Greve.

At the union hall in Bettendorf, there's concern about representing members.  Plus, worries over big money that's finding ways to try to silence unions.

"Everybody should be heard," Greve said.  "We should be creating an atmosphere and a community that helps people."

The Illinois case involves a dispute over union dues because the employee disagrees with policies.

Already butting heads with AFSCME, though, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner hails the Supreme Court decision as a major victory.

"This ruling is pro-worker and pro-taxpayer," he said.  "This ruling is a great victory for our democracy, our public employees and the taxpayers who count on us to bargain on their behalf."

For Local 105, the best response may come at the ballot box.  That's why they're stressing the importance of midterm elections.

"What it takes for us to put food on the table for our families and to have a voice in the workplace," Greve concluded.  "Put people in office that are going to do that."

At this local, ready to get out the vote.

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