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How long do you have to shake to make butter yourself? Find out here

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MOLINE-  DeAnne Bloomberg, Manager of the Rock Island County Farm Bureau, joined us Wednesday, June 27, on Good Morning Quad Cities to show us how to make butter, and if you want a good laugh, watch the video above.

According to Ag in the Classroom, here's how to make butter:

Shake it Up ~ Butter Making Recipe
• 1 empty baby food jar (or larger size pimiento jar with tight fitting lid)
• whipping cream
• good music
• smiling & screaming kids
1. Take 1 jar and fill 1/2 with whipping cream
2. Add several kids dancing and shaking with jars in hand
3. BINGO!! Butter!
4. Add a little salt and spread on sandwich bread.
5. It's delicious
6. 1 teaspoon sour cream per 1/2 pint of whipping cream can be added
OR ~

You can make your very own creamy delicious butter right at home!
You will need:
Whipping Cream
Small container with tight fitting lid (baby food jars work well)
Salt to taste (optional)

Let the whipping cream come to room temperature. Pour a small amount of cream into your container (around 30mL works well) and fasten the lid tightly! Now shake it up! It takes a few minutes so put on some music and dance away while you shake your butter. The whipping cream will thicken and form whipped cream. Keep shaking! Suddenly the whipped cream will start to form a ball of butter. Shake it for a few seconds longer and then open your container. You will see a ball of butter surrounded by buttermilk. Pour off the buttermilk (you can save this to use in baking). Now you need to get rid of all the remaining buttermilk. Rinse the butter in very cold water and drain. Do this until the water drains clear. You can add a pinch of salt to the butter if you like. Now spread your delicious butter on some crackers or a slice of whole grain bread and enjoy!

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