JDC champ Bryson DeChambeau use of unusual math tool drawing attention from PGA officials

Bryson DeChambeau – the brainy, analytical defending John Deere Classic golf champion – raised the eyebrows of PGA tour officials this past weekend for his use of a common mathematical tool to help him figure out “true pin locations.”

DeChambeau’s use of a compass – the metal pointy kind used to measure distances, not the kind that tells you what direction you are heading – drew the attention of officials during last week’s Travelers Championship in Connecticut, according to Golfweek and other outlets.

Rules officials approached DeChambeau about the device after Saturday’s third round.

“They said we just want to let you know we’re investigating this device and seeing if it’s allowable or not,” DeChambeau told Golfweek. “It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.”

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, June 26, the PGA noted that currently a compass is allowed, but that could change.

The article linked in the twet from PGA tour.com said the tour, after consulting with the United States Golf Association, determined that DeChambeau could continue using the compass because the Rules do not address its use. That could change, though.

“There is no clear precedent on the use of a compass in this manner and it is not currently prohibited under the Rules of Golf,” the TOUR said in a statement. “The USGA is reviewing the matter, with our feedback, and is expected to make a ruling on its conformity with the Rules soon.”

DeChambeau, who finished 9th at the Travelers and has wins at both the JDC and most recently at The Memorial in Dublin, Ohio, seemed bemused by the furor over his compass use in his quote on the PGA tour.com story.

“It’s a compass. It’s been used for a long, long time. Sailors use it,” DeChambeau said. “It’s just funny that people take notice when I start putting and playing well.”

DeChambeau has committed to returning to TPC Deere Run to defend his 2017 championship.