Residents cleaning up after flash flooding swamps apartments

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Several inches of rain fell each hour Wednesday night, June 20, leaving dozens of apartment residents with a wet mess.

Residents who have lived at Woodland Apartments for years said they haven't seen flooding this bad.

"No matter what I did I was wet, no matter where I walked," said Dianna Sneath, who has lived at the complex for 10 years.

Kenneth Berry, Sr. has lived at Woodland for about two years, said he walked passed his front door when he realized water was coming inside.

"I stepped on the carpet and I'm like, "Oh my God," so when I opened the door (the water) just gushed in," he said.

Residents spent Wednesday night sweeping water out of their homes.  On Thursday the fans came out.

Second-floor resident Josie Ba has lived at the complex for less than a year.  She said her apartment was unaffected, but she empathized with her neighbors cleaning up.

"It was just really sad to see kids out here and parents trying to get water out of their apartments," said Josie.

Management had a carpet cleaning service come to the complex Wednesday night to try and suck up some of the water. Residents said they hoped for more support from management as they continue to clean up the mess.

Residents said about 30 apartments were affected by flooding.