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Beating the summer heat in the Quad Cities

Rock Island, Illinois-- Hot, humid, sunny days.

Families are looking for ways to cool down. Schweibert Park in Rock Island being one of those destinations with a splash pad.

"I brought my grandkids here today. It's a way to keep cool," said Doug Foster. Foster and his grandkids went to the park to celebrate Father's day,  "This is better than pushing a lawn mower or something like that."

Local splash pads are great for staying cool, but some people are sliding into something bigger.

The pool at Whitewater Junction in Rock Island.  Five slides for kids of all ages and fountains. Whitewater is a perfect family getaway.

"We're having a blast. Definitely just seeing them having fun it brings joy to you. Let's you know your doing something right," said Alex Zilic. Zilic brought his wife and two sons to the pool today for their last day of vacation. The heat wasn't going to keep them inside.

Being in the pool doesn't protect from everything that comes with hotter temperatures. Sunscreen and bottled water is just as important.

Not everyone at the pool planned on escaping the heat.

"Actually I like the heat. I'd rather have it warm than cold," said Paul Ziebarth. He comes to the pool almost everyday to relax.