Quad City golfers tee off to raise funds for inclusive baseball field

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Dozens are teeing off to raise money for a new kind of baseball field.

On June 15th, supporters organized a  game of golf and a 50-50 raffle to help raise money to bring a Miracle Field to the City of Davenport.

The inclusive baseball field would be for players with special needs and it would be the first one in the Quad City Area.

The design of a Miracle Field removes all barriers by utilizing special rubberized surfacing and fully accessible dugouts.

"We have a lot of young kids that want to enjoy the sport of baseball and be on teams and have parents come cheer for them. Because of all the challenges and difficulties with a traditional field they can't really do that...the miracle field helps give them that opportunity to come and play baseball," said Scott Hock, Davenport Parks and Rec Director.

The city of Davenport  has been working to raise almost $1,000,000 dollars for the project. So far the city has raised about 80 percent of funds.

Organizers hope to start construction in the fall.