Event planners prepare for high temps

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BETTENDORF, Iowa-- A busy weekend is coming up in the Quad Cities, and event planners are trying to find ways to beat the heat.

The TBK Bank Sports Complex in Bettendorf is hosting a youth baseball tournament this weekend.

BettPlex has ten fields, all with artificial turf, making temperatures climb even more for athletes.

"It does radiate even more heat than what we're feeling," said Kira Barbeck, director of marketing. "So again, when it comes to the athletes, we make sure that they have the coolers inside those dug-outs, so that when they're not on the field, they're getting the ice, the towels, the water, the Gatorade that they need."

The complex has stocked the concessions with ice, water and cold drinks. There will be extra sun screen to go around.

Across town, Splash Landing is preparing for anything.

"Sometimes especially when it's hot over the weekend, people have other things to do," said Katie McDermott, the pool manager. "Parents don't want to take their kids out. So we're planning for it to be busy. But we're kind of expecting anything."

McDermott said the lifeguards will be keeping a careful eye out for tired kids.

"The heat takes your energy out of you," she said. "We definitely stress to our staff to keep an eye on kids. If kids seem tired or more tired than what they originally saw them, tell the kids to take a break."

As always, Splash Landing will have pool breaks every hour, giving people time to relax and hydrate.

Over in Davenport, crews were preparing for Ride the River. Kathy Wine, executive director of River Action, said there will be free popsicles at the 34th annual Father's Day Family Bike Ride this Sunday.

"Yes, it's on the warm side but we're prepared," Wine said, "and you can be prepared. And we can have a great time."

Wine said they're expecting a thousand riders this year. Registration is open through Sunday morning.

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