Baseball sized hail hits Illinois City area

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ILLINOIS CITY, Illinois-- Severe weather rolled through the area over the weekend. Storms were isolated, but a hail storm near Illinois City, Illinois caused some damage Friday.

The Rock Island Farm Bureau said hail damaged one farmer's three vehicles and crops.

Ag experts said hail damage can make crops more susceptible to disease, and that farmers will have to keep an eye out in the coming weeks.

Closer to Joslin, fields were flooded along I-88. Plants can drown from a lack of oxygen and running water can wash away nutrients.

Farmers will have to give their crops some time to recover to fully understand the damage.

"When you have storms come through like this, it's very emotional," said Mitch Heisler, marketing manager at Wyffels Hybrids. "You want to get out there and assess the crop. And it's certainly the right thing to do. Just be patient. Give that crop time to recover."

As storms moved in throughout the area, the severity varied.

"The wind especially is so localized," Heisler said. "You can have gusts that are very high in one area, and you go one or two miles down the road, and they didn't see the same thing. Same thing happens anytime you see hail. That's often very localized and only lasts a two or three-mile stretch when it does come."

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