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Family lemonade stand raises money for childhood cancer research

GENESEO, Illinois-- A tiny lemonade stand stood in downtown Geneseo ready to raise money on an important issue, one cup  at a time.

On June 9th, Jeanna and Matt Francis and their family joined Alex's Lemonade Stand, a non-profit organization that helps raise funds for childhood cancer research.

"Alex's lemonade stand has been such a huge supporter of kids with cancer and helping their families," said Jeanna Francis.

The Francis family ran their own lemonade operation to honor their son Brantley who passed away from an uncommon form of cancer last year.

"They not only help us we can specifically donate this money back to germ cell tumors which is what Brantely had and he passed from and it's not a common cancer so there's not a lot of research being done," said Jeanna Francis, Brantley's mother.



All the money raised will go towards Alex's Lemonade Stand. Francis said their original goal was to raise about $1,000 dollars but  to their surprise, just about doubled that.

Francis said more needs to be done in supporting funds for pediatric cancer as it doesn't get as much attention.

"It's really important to shed light on pediatric cancer because it only gets 4% of government funding for research," said Francis.

To help support Brantely's Lemonade stand click here.