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Woman warns others about man filming up skirts with phone

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- A Davenport woman is asking others to be on the lookout while shopping.

Vanessa Hodges said she stopped into the Walmart on Kimberly Road on Monday when she noticed a man following her around. A Walmart employee later informed her that the man was known for going around and filming up women's skirts.

"He said, 'Well, he comes in here all the time and he tries to video record with his phone up girls' skirts and dresses. He'll put his phone in the basket and try to maneuver it around,'" Hodges said.

She was tearing up as she checked out and left the store.

"My heart was racing," she said. "I still had to get my cart full of groceries. I'm tearing up in the line because I couldn't believe what was going on."

When she got home, she posted on Facebook about the incident. She said others commented about similar encounters with the same man in the area.

"It really grosses me out," Hodges said. "I wanted to do something about it. It was bothering me."

Hodges said Facebook users were able to identify the man. Some posted about seeing the suspect at the HyVee off Locust Street.

"My coworkers saw him at HyVee on Tuesday, the following day," Hodges said. "And he had a basket with his phone."

She filed a police report on Tuesday, which hasn't been made public yet. Walmart declined to comment on the situation. Hodges said several family members encouraged her to make the report and hopes it'll help stop the man.

"It scares me because, if you have that strong of an urge to do that out in public, how long is it going to go on before you start doing other things?" Hodges wondered.

She said she hopes the man gets help but wants others to stay on the lookout.

"Technology is right at our hands, and unfortunately, there are people out there like that," she said. "So be very, very aware."

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