We’re on the farm to celebrate National Dairy Month

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It was all about the cows this morning on Good Morning Quad Cities! This morning we had “Breakfast with…” Karen Bohnert on her family farm in East Moline. There, we were able to learn what it takes to take care of more than 400 Jersey cows.

Bohnert said that this particular breed is known for the richness of the milk, which is why a cheesemaker in Stockton, Illinois turns the milk into Swiss Cheese.

It's an almost 24 hour business with work ending around midnight and the first workers of the day showing up around 3 a.m. but she says it's an incredibly rewarding one.

We learned how technology helps the Bohnerts understand how healthy each cow is. A "Fit Bit" of sorts is on each cow's right ear. The device allows them to monitor the health of the animal. Knowing when a cow is sick before signs are showing means the cow can be quarantined and taken care of. Karen says it's much like taking your child out of school until they're better. "The healthier the cow, the better the milk."

We would like to thank the Bohnert family and the Rock Island County Farm Bureau for helping us having breakfast on the farm. If you're wondering what we ate? Golden Grahams with fresh strawberries, topped with lots of milk!

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