Four bands boycott 11th Street Precinct Bar and Grill after owner’s Pridefest rant

DAVENPORT, Iowa --  Police Body Cam Video obtained by WQAD shows 11th Street Precinct Bar and Grill owner John Wiser complaining about the set-up of Pridefest outside his business.

His words filled with explicit language too inappropriate to air.

Wisor issued an apology Thursday, June 7, for his “regrettable actions and words” but members of the local band Smooth Groove say his apology is not enough to encourage them to stop boycotting Wisor’s bar.

Click here for Wisor apology statement and police body cam video

“Even the apology and that was a gracious offering to the charities that he’s going to donate to, but I just feel in my heart that that’s how he feels, and I don’t think that’s acceptable,” says Laura Udy from Smooth Groove.

Smooth Groove is one of four bands announcing they will boycott the 11th Street Precinct Bar and Grill.

Other bands cutting ties are Soul Storm, Funktastic 5 and Powell.

“This is not right, you’re the owner and you’re spouting off slurs at these people. I don’t want to be a part of that,” say Smooth Groove member Ruben Sierra.

Sierra says only time will tell if Wisor’s apology is sincere, only then he will consider ending the band’s boycott.