2018 Iowa Primary Results: Scott County

SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa –  With 100% of precincts reporting, votes have been counted in Scott County after the 2018 Iowa Primary Election on June 5.

Voters had a chance to nominate people for both the Republican and Democrat candidate for Scott County Treasurer and for the Democratic seats on the Scott County Board of Supervisors.

For Scott County Treasurer, Democrats voted in Mike Fennelly who had 56% of the vote with 2,348 votes. He was up against Greg Guy who had 44% of the vote. Guy received 1,836 votes.

Meanwhile, Republicans voted between Jane Duax and Tom Engelmann. Duax won with 66% of the vote. She received 4,709  votes. Engleman received 34% of the vote with 2,416 votes counted.

In the Scott County Board of Supervisors vote, Brinson Kinzer received 27% of the vote with 4,365. He is followed by Ken Croken who received 27% of the vote with 4,360 votes and Rogers Kirk Jr. who had 24% of the vote with 3,913. Those three will now move on to the general election to face the Republican candidates.

Marvin Platt fell behind. He received 22% with 3,582 votes.