Moline Police looking for three suspects in connection to an armed robbery

Moline, Illinois-- Surveillance footage from a Moline Spin to Win shows three masked people entering the business.

One suspect corners the employee behind the counter, points a gun at him and hits him. Forcing him to the ground.

"What makes this one different is the threat of violence and the use of force. A lot of the times weapons are inferred. This one they actually pointed a firearm at the victim and then they hit him in the head," said Detective Michael Griffin. Griffin says this type of robbery is uncommon for our area.

The employee did exactly what he was supposed to do.

"The right thing to do is to just give up the money. Most businesses around here will tell you don`t fight back just give up the money.. You have insurance. It`s not worth your life. Money can be replaced. Your life can`t," said Griffin.

The video also shows one of the robbers pulling out a crow bar and smashing the machines.

They failed to get any of them open.

"It`s kinda amateurish of them to think that there going to just go there and pop the front cover off and their going to have access to hundreds of dollars," said Griffin.

They were in and out of the business in under six minutes only stealing less than a hundred dollars from behind the counter.

Police released a photo of a man they are calling a person of interest. He was seen sitting at a slot machine at spin to win a few hours before the robbery.

"It`s not uncommon for people to go in there and case it prior to doing an armed robbery," said Griffin.