May 2018 was the hottest on record in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (Illinois News Network)--If you thought last month was hotter than normal, you were right.

Cities across Illinois and the state as a whole experienced the hottest May in recorded history.

Illinois’ a long state. It’s usually warmer in Cairo than in Rockford. But, as a whole, state Climatologist Jim Angel said Illinois hasn't seen a May with more days of above average temperatures.

Many cities saw the same situation.

“In Quincy, Springfield, Champaign and Carbondale, every day was at or above normal for this time of year,” Angel said.

Other cities like Rockford were close but had a couple cool days that lowered their average.

A warm May doesn’t necessarily mean June, or July for that matter, are guaranteed to see hotter-than-normal temperatures, Angel said, but June is forecasted to be warmer than normal.

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