Davenport police test new recruits to fill declining numbers

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- About 20 recruits showed up at the Davenport Police Station to see if they had what it takes to wear the blue.

Davenport police is seeking out potential candidates to join their team. Over the past few years officer numbers have been decreasing. Captain Jane Imming with the Davenport Police Department, said they've been putting in extra effort to recruit new police officers.

"It's a challenging profession and it really takes a special person to perform the duties of an officer," said Imming.

According to Iowa law, applicants must pass a physical and written test for pre-employment testing. They need to pass 4 physical tests to check their flexibility and endurance. That includes the sit and reach, a minute of sit-ups and push ups, and a 1 1/2 mile run.

"I would say for someone that is serious about becoming an officer we always say this is the one test tha we give you all the answers to," said Captain Imming.

Each required performance to pass these tests is based on the persons gender and age.

But there's also more to the testing, Davenport police say their looking for recruits who are looking to strengthen community relationships.

The next testing will be done Tuesday June 5th.