Illinois lawmakers say they are on track to pass a budget before May 31st deadline

For the first time in three-year lawmakers in Illinois say they are on track to pass a budget before the May 31st deadline.

Members of the senate approved a $38 billion spending plan Wednesday, May 30, the bill is now own its way to the House.

A plan Senator Neil Anderson from Rock Island says has no tax increase.

“This balanced budget, with no new tax increases, represents a good change for the people of Illinois,” says Anderson.

State representative Tony McCombie from Savanna says there is something different about this year’s negotiations compared to the last fiscal year’s.

“More open, more friendly, more collaborative and from what senior members are saying that’s how it used to be,” says McCombie.

The plan calls for cuts to social services and the Department of Corrections, McCombie says there is no word yet on how those cuts will impact services in the Quad Cities.

The budget plan also includes a $445 million dollar drop in pension costs with the state offering former employees a buyout.

Last year’s education funding formula remains in place giving $350 million to schools in the state.

Also staying is last year’s income tax hike.

The budget needs a simple majority vote to pass the house, but if lawmakers do not meet tomorrow's deadline, they will need a three-fifths vot to get the budget on Illinois Govenor Bruce Rauner's desk.