QC teen leads pledge, talks flag etiquette at Memorial Day service

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL -- Liam Willcox has made it his mission to replace tattered flags around the Quad Cities.

The 13-year-old has replaced 94 torn flags as part of the Flag Restoration Project.

Willcox spoke at the Rock Island Arsenal's Memorial Day Service, advising kids in the audience to remember two important things about the flag: you shouldn't display a torn flag and don't lay it on the ground.

At the service, he led the "Pledge of Allegiance."  Several kids came from within the crowd to recite the pledge along with him.

"To me memorial day is like more of a remembrance for our veterans and the flag stands for our liberty, and the cost of liberty is great," Willcox said, "so remembering our veterans is very important to do."

Click here to see his full "flag etiquette" lesson.