NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Celebrating National Wine Day

It's the day I look forward to EVERY year... National Wine Day! On May 25th during our weekly Nailed It Or Failed It segment on WQAD News 8 at 11am, we tried out a craft and a cocktail with one things in common - wine!

For the craft, we used wine corks to create this wine cork covered letter. This is super easy to do. The hardest part - is making sure you have enough wine corks! The only other things you need are a letter (check any hobby or craft store) and a glue gun (our favorite).

The cocktail was a little more complicated. This Red, White, and Blue Frozen Sangria looks cool, but it's a lot harder to make than I thought. What I learned is you should not rush when making this. Also, follow the directions! To separate the colors, you need to use a spoon and pour slowly. Either way, it tasted great and that's a "Nailed It!" in my book!

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! Stay safe (and cool)!