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Davenport inches towards goal to build Miracle Field for players with special needs

DAVENPORT, Iowa--  The love for baseball keeps players from the Challenger League moving and for coach Craig Benisch, it is also the promise of what is to come to Prairie Heights Park in Davenport.

“It is exciting to be able to look at what we are looking at today and know a year from now we will be playing baseball here,” says Benisch.

A home field for players with special needs.

Right now, the city of Davenport is working to raise almost one million dollars to build a Miracle Field. The field is about half the size of a standard baseball field, with softer turf and a completely even surface.

It would be the first one in the Quad Cities.

So far, the city has raised about 70 percent of the cost.

“We just need to get from 3rd base to home. We need someone to bat us all the way around is all…. We want to raise all the funds in the next month or so, so we can start construction in the fall and have this open for spring,” says Scott Hock, Director of Davenport Parks and Recreation.

Benisch says the field would get rid of some of the challenges many of the players face now.

“To be able to actually play out there and not have to deal with everything. (Not having to deal with) getting in and out of the dugouts and not have to deal with maybe falling over a base… It’s just going to make the game that much more enjoyable,” says Benisch.

The city of Davenport will hold their next fundraiser for the Miracle Field at Emeise Golf Course, Friday, June 15th at noon.