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Cooking with Boetje’s this Memorial Day

Just in time for Memorial Day, Boetje's stopped by our studios to talk about how to use their mustard in some of your favorite summer dishes.

Boetje's Mustard is a national-favorite. Beginning in 1889, Fred Boetje began making stoneground Dutch mustard in his garage in Rock Island, Illinois.

Using the same recipe today of water, mustard seed, sugar, salt and distilled vinegar, Boetje's tops all mustard sales in the local retail market. It even outsells the big three-French's, Kraft and Plochman-by 7 to 1. In a survey by Illinois Magazine published in its July 2002 issue, Boetje's was voted to be the "Best Illinois food product" in Northern Illinois. Most recently Boetje's Mustard won the 15th annual World Wide Mustard Festival in the Coarse Grained Mustard grouping.

For additional information and recipes, visit Boetje's Mustard's website: