Family thankful they’re ready to move out of Davenport housing facility

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- As part of a transition into a new program to tackle homelessness, the Salvation Army is closing a housing facility, and focusing their efforts into an upcoming resource hub.

About 30 families live at the Family Service Center on 6th Street, including Mark, Ivy and their two kids.  The couple came to the Family Service Center after struggling with addiction.

"I would have lost my kids, I would have died," said Ivy. "We were in a downward spiral and I thank this place, I thank God for giving us the initiative to go."

Mark and Ivy have lived at the facility for nearly a year.  Mark has picked up a job doing maintenance at the center, and Ivy spends her days taking care of their children.

When the center closes in the transition this summer, they'll have to leave the apartment that they now call home.

"It's bittersweet because I really like my apartment, but I know that they'll put us in a good place," Ivy said.

"I'm a little nervous, you know, but I'm mostly anxious," said Mark. "Let's get this bull by the horns."

The center will stop taking new clients starting July 1st.  The families who live there will be moved into permanent housing in August.

"We've come past the point of addiction," she said, "we came to a safe place, we've sobered up and now we can just flourish on our own, so them closing down is a way for us to stand on our own two feet."

The Salvation Army was working to nail down a location for their upcoming resource center.