Boots on the Ground plans community event to curb Quad City teen violence on Saturday

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DAVENPORT, Iowa--   The corner of 13th  and Harrison in Davenport is an old stomping ground for Pastor Daniel Teague, but it is also where a 16-year-old boy lost his life on Saturday.

“We as a people have to get our kids together,” says Pastor Teague.

16-year-old Davenport boy dies from gunshot wound; police still investigating

He says he is tired of the same stories of Quad City youth being gunned down or arrested for a stolen car.

“When we first started out it was shots fired they were shooting nobody was getting shot but now these kids are shooting each other. They are stealing cars ramming them into buildings and things. It’s a cry for help right now,” says Teague.

For more than six months the organization Boots on the Ground has not been as active in the community--that’s because the group has been working to open their own headquarters at Quad Cities New Life Kingdom Ministries in Rock Island.

Building a new church and community center, a place for the group to sit down and figure out what went wrong.

“Before we march before we get out with banners, we’ve done all that let’s get down and strategically think about what we’re going to do to help these kids,” says Teague.

Boots on the Ground will hold their first big community discussion this year at 817 24th Street in Rock Island at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Entire Davenport community must step up to stop juvenile crime, officials say

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