Rock Island Committee reveals major step in soldier restoration project

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- On Wednesday afternoon people gathered at the Rock Island County Courthouse to unveil a new piece of history.

The Civil War Soldiers Monument Restoration project completed a soldier recreation made up of bronze. The monument was created by a local Moline artist, John Ketner of Lost Arts Studio.

The recreation is in efforts to preserve the 150 year-old monument which in summer of 2014 almost toppled over on it's pedestal. The soldier stood had stood near the Centennial Bridge by the Courthouse for hundreds of years. 

"He's been standing there for about 150 years and  we want him to do that again, there's a monument for every war that's been fought by Americans since the foundation of our country," said Captain Ron Erickson.

The soldier itself cost about $36,000 dollars, leaders of the project said the money was raised through private donations.

The next step is to recreate the names of past soldiers on the memorial.