Police: Body and stolen car recovered from river on the same day are unrelated

DAVENPORT, Iowa - A body, floating in the river near the Credit Island causeway, was found by a fisherman on May 23 just before 11:00 A.M.

Police say the body of an adult man was recovered by the Davenport Fire Department and the Iowa DNR.

Right now, it is still unclear if the body pulled on May 23 is related to the search operation that took place on May 19.

Davenport Fire crews were called to the Davenport Sailing Club, 1225 E River Drive, shortly before 9:30 AM on the morning of May 19 to assist with looking for an individual that was missing.

Davenport Fire District Chief Neil Gainey says they think a person fell in the Mississippi River.

The subject was not found.

An autopsy is being scheduled for the body that was found and pulled from the river, according to police.

In an unrelated incident, Police also recovered a stolen vehicle on May 23.

Davenport Police say they responded to the Mississippi River near the I-280 bridge after a caller spotted a car floating in the river.

The Davenport Fire Department and divers from Big River Rescue recovered a Nissan sedan that was reported stolen out of West Liberty, Iowa.

Detectives continue to investigate the stolen car incident.