Woman charged with lying to police in connection to Jenni McGruder case

GALESBURG, Illinois - A woman is charged with lying to police in connection with the deadly shooting of a Galesburg mother.

Dashay Burnett is charged with obstruction of justice.

Galesburg Police say she admitted to lying when they questioned her last month about the death of Jenni McGruder.

Police say she picked up the suspected shooter, Jonathan Kelly, the morning of the shooting.

Jonathan I. Kelly

They say she drove him from Davenport, Iowa to Illinois.

Police are still searching for Jonathan Kelly.

Kelly, 28, is facing three charges of murder in connection with the incident, although McGruder was the sole victim. The Knox County State Attorney's office said the multiple charges relate to different statutes in state law.

Police say this is a nationwide warrant and anyone with information on Kelly's whereabouts should call the department at (309) 343-9151 or Galesburg Crime Stoppers at (309) 343-0044.

On Monday, April 2, Galesburg Police Capt. Rod Riggs said McGruder was "in the wrong place at the wrong time" and said she was not a targeted victim of the shooting, which took place on Sunday, April 1st.

"She's leaving, and there's gun fire," Riggs told WQAD News 8's Chris Minor. "She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, just a victim of gun violence."