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Silvis man warns other parents about playground dangers after finding razor blade in a slide

SILVIS, Illinois--  Clint Michl and his family come to Phipps Prairie Park in Silvis at least once a week, but lately he’s been a little more cautious.

Michl found a razor blade sticking up about a quarter inch from the slide, moments before his one-year-old son slid down.

“I found the razor blade right here and you can still see the mark from where it was stabbed in… I saw it as he was about to go down and I stopped him,” says Michl.

He took a picture of the blade and called the police.

“An officer came out here to talk to me and search through the park and make sure that nothing else was here,” says Michl.

A dangerous prank this father says is no laughing matter.

““I don’t want to bring my kid to a park and fear him slicing his leg on a slide,” he says.

Police say they park was later cleaned and every park and playground in Silvis was checked to make sure they were safe for kids.

Police are reviewing video surveillance to try to find the person responsible.

If found guilty, the person faces attempted batter, disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property.