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Mom: Dixon High School gunman was bullied and beaten this school year

DIXON, Illinois- The mother of Matthew Milby says her son was bullied and beaten up during the school year, a claim his attorney partially backed up after his first court appearance Friday.

"I'm aware that Matt had his jaw broken in an altercation in the last 6 or 8 months, and no charges were filed against the perpetrators," said Tom Murray, defense attorney for Milby.

Julie Milby has said her son has been "very sad for a long time", and claims he has been ostracized after being ticketed for pot possession last year, and being kicked off the football team.

"What this all led to was more ostracization. There's been a lot of hurtful things done to my son. I've been talking to the police and the superintendent about this. He got beat up down there, they broke his jaw, nobody was arrested for it. He had a lot of kids steal from him, that he had known all his life. His kindness got taken for weakness, and he got thrown under the bus because of the whole pot thing," Milby said.