Bettendorf girl gets royal mail

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Bettendorf, Iowa--  Avery O' Brien came home from school to the surprise of a lifetime.

"My mom texted my dad who was picking me up that day and she texted I have surprises for you and my dad was saying maybe it's chores," said  O'Brien, who is 8.

When she got home it wasn't chores that awaited her, it was a letter from princess-to-be Meghan Markle.

Avery wrote a letter to Markle back in March after learning about her story on an episode of 20/20.

"From a regular person to a princess and it kinda just spanned her career and she saw it and just was immersed and immediately went over to the table and started writing a letter," said her mother, Paula O'Brien. Paula says her daughter loves to sing and act and one day wants to become an actress.

Avery was inspired by Markle's story and wrote a letter for her new role model that said:

"Dear Meghan,

Your story is awesome. I really want to be a princess and an actor when I grow up. I hope you have a very happy marriage to Prince Harry.


Avery Kathryn O'Brien"

She included a picture of herself so Meghan would know who she is and what she looked like. Avery and her mother weren't expecting to get a response.

"In the morning while I was at work I opened the email and it showed a piece of mail from Kensington Palace and I was like oh my goodness she got a response." said Paula.

That's when Paula texted her husband to let him know she had a surprise for Avery.

"I was so excited, I loved it," said Avery. "I was jumping up and down".

In the letter from Markle was a picture of her and Prince Harry and a direct wish for Avery hoping she can watch the wedding on television.

Avery said she already has an alarm set for tomorrow morning so she doesn't miss it.

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