Scott County Attorney: Investigation finds bailiff’s use of force “reasonable”

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DAVENPORT, Iowa РScott County Attorney Michael Walton has determined that the use of force by  a courthouse bailiff last month was reasonable.

After reviewing the investigation, Walton said he believes the use of force is justified because the bailiff believed use of force was “necessary to avoid injury or risk of life to his safety or to the safety of others.”

This comes after a review of the incident that took place at the Scott County Courthouse on April 25 at approximately 9:30 A.M.

On May 17, a press release said that security at the courthouse was alerted after Adam Lafrentz, who was “speaking loudly and acting aggressively,” struck a person with one of two poles that he was holding.

Officials say that after bailiffs tried to approach Lafrentz to talk to him, he struck bailiff Tim Hutcheson in the face with a wooden stick wrapped in electrical tape.

Upon being struck, Hutcheson fired one shot from his handgun at Lafrentz.

Nobody was hit by the gunshot, and another bailiff shot Lafrentz with a taser.

Lafrentz ran away, detaching the taser probes, and led Davenport police on a foot chase.

Eventually, he was taken into custody near the area of Warren Street and 6th Street. An officer was injured during the arrest.

After his arrest, Lafrentz was taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Lafrentz was charged with Interference with Official Acts, Assault Causing Bodily Injuries and Assault on a Police Officer.

Further pursuit of criminal charges has been deferred while mental health alternatives are explored for Lafrentz, said Scott County Attorney Michael Walton in a press release.

The person struck by the pole outside of the courthouse, which originally prompted bailiffs and Davenport Police to respond, suffered from swelling and pain after being hit in the arm and hip.

The incident was investigated by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation.

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