RICO Resource Officers help parents beaware of hidden dangers in their home

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SHERRARD, Illinois-- A bedroom staged in a school auditorium shows parents all the tricks their children may use.

Sherrard High School hosted an awareness program for parents Thursday, May 17 to help teach them what to look for in their children’s bedroom.

Pinpointing the hiding places kids might use to stash what they don’t want you to find.

““You’ll see there a Pringles can with a hidden compartment you will see a deodorant with a hidden compartment, feminine products with a hidden compartment,” says Deputy Mike Mendoza, resource officer with the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department.

During the event officers displayed several types of drugs and drug paraphernalia to get parents familiar with some of the things they would be looking for.

“We talk about eating and having the munchies. People joke about that all the time, well you might find those things in there, and ways that kids stash pills and things like that,” says Resource Officer, Deputy Jim Miller.

It is a message parent Angie Nelson takes to heart.

“It’s scary to think that they could get involved with such harmful things…I was blown away,” says Nelson.

Right now, her children are only 8 and 10 but she says it is a conversation she needs to have with them now.

“When we think about our school being a smaller school and not a big city school, we don’t think these things can happen here,” says Nelson.

Resource officers plan to hold another presentation at Sherrard High School for teachers and students when kids go back to school in August.

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