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Car theft victim says offenders should be sentenced to hard labor

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DAVENPORT- A victim in the ongoing car theft epidemic in the Quad Cities says if the 16-year -old suspect is convicted of the crime, he doesn't deserve just a slap on the hand.

Breanne Kaminski attended what was supposed to be a hearing in juvenile court for the young man, but it was cancelled.

He came to the courthouse with his mother, but did not have to appear in the courtroom. He is currently on home detention, and charged with two car thefts as a juvenile.

Breanne was told there is discussion of a plea deal.

"These kids, nothing is happening to them. They're out there "thugging", it's a game to them," she said outside the Scott County courthouse.

"I wanted to read an impact statement, asking the courts to teach these kids a lesson. It's not just stolen cars, it's ruining my life," she said.

In March, thieves broke into her mother-in-law's car outside their home in Bettendorf. They found Breanne's purse inside, along with keys to her car which was also parked outside. Home surveillance video shows part of the theft, but it is grainy and dark.

Breanne's car was stolen, so was her purse, phone, and computer. Her mother-in-law had just been released from the hospital after having leg surgery. Her prescriptions were in the car, and stolen, too.

"The first picture of my daughter taking her first breath, that was all on my camera and backed up to my computer, which was left in my vehicle.  This has cost us thousands already. Towing bills, red light camera tickets, we have so far received four, my insurance, homeowners, auto insurance. We've had to change locks, with different keys for three different cars, it's been a nightmare," she said.

Today, she left the courthouse without answers, but vows to return.

"I will take the time to make sure something is happening to these kids. Whether it be community service and mowing lawns all summer. I think they should be put to hard labor. Hard work. I think they should sweat it out and clean up their act" she said.

"I'm just angry that the court system isn't handling these cases, that there isn't any type of repercussion."


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