Moline students test virtual reality technology in mobile classroom

MOLINE, Illinois -- High school students got the opportunity to test out virtual reality technology.

The zSpace mobile classroom parked out front at Moline High School Monday, May 14th. Eight groups of students hopped on board to put the technology to the test.

The computer stations require learners wear 3-D glasses and use a Stylus pen to do a variety of interactive activities; things like building or designing models to dissecting a heart.

Pottery and sculpture teacher Joel Delp said his students found the technology engaging and said he could see a use for it in his classroom.

"We do a lot of projects where we sculpt and design things in 3-D so we thought what a cool new tool to try out and see how we can use it in the classroom and come up with our designs," he said.

Teachers who experienced the technology will be surveyed about what they think of the technology.  School leaders are working with a technology placement company, Tierney, and will be deciding if they should move forward in bringing this technology into the classroom.