Future plans for historic Davenport home die in house fire

DAVENPORT--- Misty Lund’s historic home was not insured, but she had big plans for the five bedroom, six bathroom house on 6th Street and Brown.

“One day I wanted my parents to live in here with me, I wanted to raise a family. It was completely big enough to do whatever I wanted,” says Lund.

But the 19th century home went up in flames early morning Thursday, May 10.

What makes this home historic?

Although the Davenport Fire Marshal has not released the cause of the fire, he suspects foul play. The fire is now being treated as a criminal investigation.

Lund says she is working with the police to find the person responsible for the fire.

“This is an unimaginable, horrible thing… I just don’t understand how you can do this to another person,” she says.

The house was passed down to Lund after her brother passed away from cancer in March.

I didn`t want his hard work of gutting it, and labor, money and materials to waste. That`s why I wanted it so bad, “says Lund.

Davenport Alderwoman Marion Meginnis says, large vacant homes can be targets in the Hamberg Historic District.

“They can be the targets of criminal activity. They can end up being neglected because people don`t live in them and they are not paying attention to them. It can happen, and it happens with more frequency,” says Meginnis.

Lund says she originally was going to sell the building until she decided to keep the property for herself.

“I wanted to make it a dream home, it was a mansion and I wanted it to be a modern day mini mansion,” says Lund.

She says now that the house is gone, she’s not sure what will come next.