Davenport School Board Leader weighs in on new school district project

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Talks of a new school district to Blue Grass, Walcott, and Buffalo is still up for debate.

Some parents and volunteers from the area have been petitioning it for a "West Scott School District."

Talks of the possible new school district has Davenport School Board Leaders weighing in. They say they understand where parents are coming from but hope to start up a dialogue about how they can keep them within the district.

"I hope people don`t give up and leave we have a lot of wonderful things happening in our district despite our funding woes."

The Davenport School District has been struggling with enrollment as well as battling funding for their students. If the new project were to plan ahead they would lose hundreds of students and the funding that comes with them.

According to the West Scott School District Project's Facebook page, it states the total number of students in the district planĀ  would be a little over 1500. The amount of funding Davenport gets from the state is about $6400 dollars per student.

"We know that we want to keep those surrounding communities par of our district as much as we can." said DeSalvo.

DeSalvo hopes to meet with parents to take a different approach that they could all agree on at a later date.



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