Two crashes involving motorcycles occur at same Scott Co intersection one week apart

BLUE GRASS, Iowa — In just over a one-week span two serious crashes happened at the same intersection between Davenport and Blue Grass.

The first crash happened Sunday afternoon, April 29.  Two people were injured after losing control of their motorcycle and ending up in a ditch.  The Scott County Sheriff’s Department identified the passengers as 42-year-old Charles Coulter and 41-year-old Amy Lee, both of Davenport. They were airlifted to the hospital and were listed in critical condition.

The second crash happened Monday evening, May 7.  A motorcyclist,  James Stowe of Davenport, was killed after colliding with an SUV making a left-hand turn from Highway 61 onto Coonhunters Road.

Sgt. Jose Varela from Iowa State Patrol District 12 said since it’s a T-intersection, and with vehicles turning in front of oncoming traffic, there’s an element of danger.

“You need to be really careful,” said Sgt. Varela. “You see a motorcycle, you’ve got to give them the opportunity to get by. Once a motorcycle crash happens those riders have very little protection.”

He said oftentimes motorcycles don’t appear to be coming as fast as they actually are.