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BHC students train to respond to mass casualty emergencies

MOLINE, Illinois - More than 30 EMS and Paramedic students went through a mass casualty simulation on May 4 at Black Hawk College.

The students, who are training to be first responders, went through the simulation of responding to a plane crash.

Volunteer students pretended to be trapped under pieces of a plane or scattered about with a wide range of injuries.

The event is an end of the year test to see how much the students have learned.

"With our line of work, people in our field are presented with a lot of different stressors, whether they be patients, environment, we want to capture that for these students." said Marci Miner, EMS Programmer at Black Hawk College.

This is the fourth time the school has tested students using this drill.

Miner says as the classes get bigger, the scenarios get bigger even with the help from local first responders.