Four passengers from Clinton, Iowa killed in weekend crash in Nebraska

MILFORD, Nebraska -- Four people from Clinton, Iowa were killed in an Interstate 80 crash in Seward County, Nebraska.

According to Seward County Sheriff Joe Yocum, five people from Clinton, Iowa were headed westbound toward Colorado when they crashed about 25 miles west of Lincoln, Nebraska on Sunday, May 6.

A 20-year-old driver over-corrected after driving onto the rumble strips, crossed the median and collided with a Buick, said Sheriff Yocum.  The 75-year-old driver in the Buick tried to avoid the crash but hit the passenger side of the Chevy.

Four of the five people in the Chevy were killed; 20-year-old Cody Richardson, 20-year-old Troy Wanzek, 19-year-old Cole Auston, and the mother of the driver, 49-year-old Susan Selser.  The Chevy driver survived the crash.

The front-seat passengers wore seatbelts, according to the sheriff; the three passengers in the back did not.

There was no word on the condition of the 75-year-old Buick driver.