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Volunteers petition for new school district in Blue Grass

BLUE GRASS, Iowa– A team of volunteers from the West Scott School District project spent Sunday afternoon knocking on doors.

With each house they presented a petition to bring a new school district to the area. That would mean pulling out from Davenport School District and creating their own.

The new district plan would include Blue Grass, Walcott, and Buffalo schools. Volunteers say they would also add a high school and the district would make up about 1500 students total.

“That’s why we’re doing the petition really, that there are signatures to that. And then the state will know that we’re really serious about making this happen,” said volunteer with the West Scott School District Project Kim Varner

The new district project has been in the works for 2 years now. It was first brought up by the former mayor of Blue Grass Tim Brandenburg, as a way to keep students closer to home.

Not everyone is on board for the project some residents are worried about the cost impact on taxpayers. But there are supporters who say it would be a good idea for families.

“I went to Davenport schools, it was just too crowded,( and in)┬ásmaller school’s teachers can pay more attention to students,” said Corey Casear, Blue Grass resident and petition signer.

The group hopes to get at least 500 signatures from Blue grass and half of the populations signatures in the other two communities.

After collecting the signatures they plan to present the petition to the Iowa Board of Education.