Pay it Forward: Gardening Club

Elementary school students in Bettendorf are learning how to grow their own food.

They get expert advice from Jim and Bonnie Smith who know a thing or two about gardening.

The couple makes kids get excited about getting their hands dirty after school through their gardening club at Jefferson Elementary School in Bettendorf.

The couple has been teaching students the importance of growing their own food for over six years.

They volunteer their time and money to make gardening a fun experience for the kids. From mixing the soil, to teaching students about the vegetables, their efforts don`t go unnoticed.

That’s why Cindy Anderson nominated the Smith’s for a Pay It Forward.

“It’s so nice they can take the time out of their day to help little children,” said Anderson.

And the students love Jim and Bonnie, too!

Rachel Reeves “They are great teachers for gardening club. We plant potatoes and strawberries and we have an apple tree,” said student Rachel Reeves.

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