Officials report unconfirmed cases of Mumps at WIU-Macomb Campus

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MACOMB, Illinois – The McDonough County Health Department and Beu Health Center at Western Illinois University have numerous reports of unconfirmed cases of mumps at WIU’s Macomb campus, according to the University Relations office.

In a press release, officials say some students who have been examined appeared symptomatic and have been isolated for the required five-day isolation period following the onset of symptoms.

They ask students who have any symptoms of the mumps to isolate themselves and contact Beu Health Center immediately.

“Please do not come directly to the health center without calling. If you have mumps symptoms we need to take precautions during your visit so that we do not infect other patients using the health center,” Beu Health Center Director John Smith explained.

If a diagnosis for mumps is made, the student will be encouraged to return home. If that is not an option, the University has quarantine facilities available, Smith added.Officials say even fully vaccinated students, faculty and staff should be aware of symptoms. Symptoms Include:

– Muscle aches
– Loss of appetite
– Generalized discomfort
– Headache
– Low-grade fever

– After a period of one to two days, symptoms may progress to:
– Swelling in one or both of the salivary glands in front of the ears
– Pain / tenderness along the jaw
– Swelling / pain in testicles in males (post-puberty); lower abdominal pain from swelling of ovaries in females who have reached puberty (< 20% of cases)

Additional information can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at or Beu Health Center.



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